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Investigative Services

The facts that support winning litigation can be broken down into three simple areas, people, places and things. In a perfect world, all the facts you need to develop your case should be easy to find or discoverable.

MIA tracks down everything else



  • Witnesses
  • Defendants
  • Custodian of Records
  • Agent for Service
  • Clients


  • Accident Sites
  • Corporate Domicile
  • Internet Sites
  • Place of Employment


  • Assets
  • Evidence
  • Litigation History
  • Exemplar Products & Parts
  • Insurance Coverage

Looking Out for Your Best Interests

Millennium Intelligence Agency (MIA) is a professional legal investigative company specializing in a wide range of investigative services for attorneys, government agencies, and business in the area of civil litigation. MIA is often consulted on the various stages of litigation such as pre-litigation, litigation and trial as well as post trial issues and judgments.

MIA has gained a reputation of gathering key and crucial pieces of intelligence that plays a critical role in litigation. Consulting with MIA in the various stages of litigation can greatly assist the attorney and their clients in the decision making process at every stage of the litigation.

For nearly a quarter century MIA has been gathering intelligence worldwide and has been consulted on such matters as aviation disasters in foreign countries to heading the world wide Holocaust Insurance Investigation.

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