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Professional Asset Search Services

When you are considering a transaction, building a case for a pending lawsuit, or evaluating the terms of a settlement proposal, having a complete and accurate picture of all parties involved is essential to critical decision-making.  A comprehensive asset search can reveal a financial picture or profile of an individual or business.  Whether you are representing clients in litigation or general business matters, being fully armed with all relevant information will ensure you are well-equipped to make the best decisions efficiently and effectively.  Prudent due diligence saves your firm time and money, in addition to providing safeguards against malpractice liability.

What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You

There are several reasons why a comprehensive asset search could benefit your matter.  MIA offers investigative services for attorneys and law firms to serve a variety of purposes, including:

  • Protect your investment. You have spent a significant amount of time vetting a new potential case, interviewing your client, conducting an investigation into the facts, collecting evidence, locating and interviewing witnesses.  You have and will continue to invest significant time and money into this case.  It is vital to know who you are representing, who you are up against, and whether there are any significant risk factors to keep in mind.

  • Pre-litigation. It is better to know as much information as possible before you file a lawsuit rather than finding out useful or problematic information down the line.  Is your counterparty financially solvent?  Have they filed for bankruptcy in the past?  How have they treated judgments in the past?  The more you know, the more well-informed your decisions will be from the outset.  You might learn:

    • There is additional insurance coverage
    • There is another party to hold accountable
    • The subject is involved with other litigation
    • Relationships with financial institutions
    • The subject has property in another name
  • Due Diligence. Protect yourself and your practice.  What if you advise your client to accept the insurance company’s settlement at the policy limit, only to discover the defendant’s deep pockets after the fact?  Your client finds out the other party owns three homes, an apartment complex, and perhaps a massive umbrella policy.  The settlement offer was well below the value of your client’s claims.  Now you are facing malpractice allegations that could have been avoided with a preliminary asset search.

  • Debtor Deposition. Arming yourself with an asset search before taking a debtor’s deposition will allow you to ask pointed questions about assets that might have slipped the mind of the debtor.  Even parties with the best of intentions might not know what information will matter to you and your case.  Do your own homework rather than relying on the judgment and insight of other parties.

  • Post-litigation. You have a judgment – what now?  An asset search can reveal or uncover assets that can be attached to satisfy your client’s judgment.  Even when the asset search does not reveal current assets, a detailed search can often unearth leads to other assets or relationships that might prove attachable.

Providing the Data You Need in an Efficient, Effective Format

At MIA, we do not simply gather the data and send it over on a hard drive for your associates to sift through.  Nor do we just provide a list of the relevant assets or other data.

We provide comprehensive yet concise reports on the information relevant to your matter.  MIA gets you the information you need to make the decisions that matter for your clients.

Tried & Tested Professional Investigation Services

If you are gathering evidence for pending litigation, surveying for assets to attach, or performing due diligence in advance of a transaction, you need reliable, thorough data-gathering services.  Millennium Intelligence Agency is ready to provide you the support you need. Reach out to our professional legal investigative team today at 213-986-9888 for professional, detailed, and effective intelligence gathering services.

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