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Why Should I Hire a Professional Investigator Instead of Simply Using an Online Database?

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If you need information to vet a client prior to representation, locate key parties to a matter, identify assets and insurance policies to establish a financial profile, or for any number of other purposes, it pays to retain a professional investigator. Some attorneys question why they should hire a professional investigator when there are public online databases available for less money. While you can find some information on your own, if you want definitive answers in an efficient, accountable manner, retaining a professional is always worth the cost. Continue reading to learn about the limitations of so-called “investigative” database websites. If you are in need of private investigative services, call the professional and comprehensive intelligence-gathering team at Millennium Intelligence Agency (MIA).

Separating the Legitimate Databases From the Scams is Challenging

Conducting an internet search in order to find assets owned by a party, insurance policies attachable to litigation, or other information about a person or business will lead you down a difficult path. There are countless online databases that purport to offer identifying information on all manner of individuals and entities. They can make whatever claims they wish about the breadth or veracity of the data they possess and face little repercussion for misleading potential customers.

The internet at large has no particular means of validating most of these purported databases. Scam companies can close up one website, switch to a domain in a different country, change their name, and start soliciting customers anew. Figuring out which databases actually contain real, valuable information can come down to little more than a trial-and-error process. Why waste your valuable time trying to identify which databases are legitimate and which are money-snatching schemes?

Professional investigation firms like MIA know where to go to find useful, accurate information. If you have questions about the results, you have a physical business and actual people to contact and discuss, rather than some ethereal entity in cyberspace.

Even the “Good” Databases Can Be Stale and Incomplete

There are some verifiable databases online. You might get some useful information from reputable sources like Spokeo and BeenVerified. However, even the good databases are interested more in volume than they are in quality and currency. Online databases, even the “good ones,” are likely to have incomplete, stale, and otherwise useless information right alongside the properly useful information. Out-of-date information can send you on a tangent and set you back further than if you had no information at all. Not to mention, you may need to look at multiple different databases to build a complete picture, and you’ll need to go through the vetting process for each one.

The business model for online databases is about getting as many people to sign up and pay for their services as possible. They do not care about your results. A professional investigator cares about doing the job well in order to establish a positive business relationship. Moreover, professional investigators have access to additional resources and professional databases that the public is not privy to. If you want the complete picture with all relevant information, compiled in an efficient format that best serves your purposes, hire a professional investigator.

Get Only the Information You Need in a Format That Works for You

When you conduct your own primary research, you’ll need to review and compile all sources of information you discover. Whether you’re tracking down insurance policies, assets owned by a party, or even simply trying to find a person, you’ll come across a massive amount of raw data. Sifting through that data to find the valuable, verifiable, and accurate crumbs can add hours, days, or weeks to your task.

When you retain a professional investigator like MIA, you will get results in a format that is actually useful. You won’t get reams of raw data to parse and compile into something you pray is helpful. We will give you only actionable reports, compiled to highlight the specific pieces of information and conclusions you need to further your matter. Our reports will make reference to raw data where appropriate, for context and support, but we will not inundate you with irrelevant information.

If you are performing due diligence in advance of a settlement, gathering evidence for a pending litigation, working to establish a financial profile, or trying to locate a missing party, Millennium Intelligence Agency is ready to offer you vital support. Call our qualified, accomplished, and thorough legal investigative team today at 213-986-9888 for experienced and skillful intelligence-gathering services.

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