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What Do PIs Do for Attorneys


Private investigators can serve a number of vital functions for attorneys. As an attorney on a case or preparing for a transaction, your role is to provide legal advice, seasoned counsel, and persuasive representation. Your role is not to traipse around the state trying to find a missing witness. Your clients don’t want to pay your billable rate for you to go on a fishing expedition, and you have better things to do. A licensed, experienced PI at Millennium Intelligence Agency (MIA) can help you fill in the blanks. They’ll help you find the evidence, the people, the locations, and the other missing pieces important to your matter while you focus on the law.

Tracking Down Important Parties

Legal matters often turn on whether you can serve, depose, interview, or produce the right person. You need to serve the right defendant, you need to depose and call to the stand the right witnesses, you need to track down the right custodian of records to request key pieces of evidence. Whether you are looking for the witness to an accident, the police officer who handled a particular case, or the party whose name appears on the deed to a piece of property, tracking down a particular person (especially if that person does not want to be found) can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

MIA is often called upon to find people useful to ongoing legal matters. While attorneys may be able to rely on the usual databases to get a last known address, when that trail turns up cold, you need an experienced private investigator to put boots on the ground and find the person you need for your case.

Identifying and Producing Relevant Evidence

Finding important evidence can be just as challenging, if not more so, than finding important people. You can submit discovery requests all day but when a particular piece of hard evidence is missing (or one party seems to be dragging their feet in conducting a proper search), you can rely on a seasoned private investigator to locate that vital evidence for you. You may need a photograph, a financial statement, a last will and testament, a manual, a declaration, a report, a study, or records of a prior lawsuit. Even documents that should be available through some online databases can be incredibly tough to find.

Rather than generate hundreds of (un)billable hours sifting through file cabinets and microfiche, hire a private investigator to find the evidence you need. You may even need to generate additional evidence to build your case or inform your decisions. A PI can take photos, conduct legal surveillance, and otherwise gather usable intelligence to help you make the most well-informed moves to best benefit your client.

Filling in the Missing Pieces

You may have part of the picture for your case, but something is missing. You can’t place a particular person at a given location on an important day. You know that certain conduct should have taken place, but you can’t prove whether it actually did. You don’t have proof that someone made a key statement regarding the matter at hand. A private investigator can help you fill in the blanks.

A seasoned PI can track down evidence, interview witnesses, build a profile, and otherwise put together the evidence at hand and the information that remains to be collected in order to help you fully understand the facts on the ground. Having a fully-formed understanding of matters is just as important when conducting due diligence in advance of a transaction as it is when building a case for pending litigation.

If you are performing due diligence in advance of a settlement, gathering evidence for pending litigation, working to establish a financial profile, or trying to locate a missing party, Millennium Intelligence Agency is ready to offer you vital support. Call our dedicated, talented, and efficient legal investigative team today at 213-986-9888 for efficient and effective intelligence-gathering services.

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