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Insurance Policy Trace Investigation

Acquiring accurate insurance coverage information for an individual or entity can play a critical role in making informed decisions at various stages of litigation. A multitude of reasons dictate that you need the insurance information, and you need it now!

What Does an Insurance Policy Trace Investigation Reveal?

  • Policy Number – Provides the policy number for an insurance policy that is/was known to be in effect for a defendant at the time of loss.
  • Policy Limits Investigation – Reveals policy limits on a particular policy and insurance company on a specific date of loss.
  • Policy Existence Investigation – Verification of insurance on a particular date of loss for an individual defendant or entity.
  • Umbrella / Excess Coverage – Locates an Umbrella policy or potential excess coverage after you have determined existing coverage is insufficient to cover the damages or injuries in your case.

Reason to Consider Insurance Policy Trace Investigation

Determining insurance policy information early on allows you to save time and money that otherwise would be expended in protracted discovery exercises with defense attorneys. Making tactical and educated decisions with insurance policy information serves as the best use of your time and money.

  • Helps determine whether to sign up a new case before you commit time and money.
  • Knowing the policy limits in advance allows you to make an early policy limits demand with hopes of reducing extended litigation to get to the same place, thereby maximizing your return.
  • A search for umbrella coverage allows you to focus on a realistic value of your case and maximize your case value. Also, it protects you from being sued by your client for settling too low.

Case in Point

  • A new potential auto accident client provides you with the defendant driver’s insurance information, name of insurance company and policy number. If the injuries are serious, you are going to have to retain an accident reconstructionist. Before you take on this case and invest a significant amount of your resources, you want to know if the insurance policy limits justify your investment.
  • Your client was injured when she tripped and fell over some tree branches a homeowner left lying across the sidewalk. It is a decent case with moderate injuries and some lost earnings. You know you can settle a case like this quickly; however, the home is in a lower-income neighborhood and you do not know if the homeowner has insurance. Once you discover insurance for the property owner, you can file a lawsuit and make a demand.
  • Your client’s baby was severely injured by a canister home vacuum cleaner. The manufacturer was a small, local company that went out of business two years ago after the owner died. You want to conduct an insurance policy investigation to locate the existence of any old product liability occurrence policies that might cover long-tail events.

Knowing insurance coverage provides you the leverage you need to get your client the best settlement possible. An insurance investigation is also essential to protect your own practice as part of your due diligence.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy Tracing From Trusted Professionals

MIA has provided consulting and intelligence-gathering services for more than three decades, conducting civil investigations for attorneys and their clients across a wide range of matters. We provide comprehensive, thorough insurance tracing services for due diligence, litigation, bankruptcy, judgment and debt collection, and any other purpose for which accurate insurance information is required.

We conduct national searches for all types of liability insurance policies, including:

  • Professional Malpractice
  • Product Liability
  • Auto
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Homeowners
  • Renters
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Premises
  • Director & Officers
  • Umbrella

Know About Insurance Coverage Before It Matters, Not After

The extent of insurance protection is a vital piece of information in any legal setting. When you are evaluating a case and determining the best approach, negotiating a settlement, or looking to satisfy a judgment, knowing the extent of applicable insurance coverage is absolutely vital. The last thing you want is to advise your client to accept a settlement offered by the defendant’s insurance company, only to find out the party has a much higher-value umbrella policy available.

Waiting on defense counsel to provide insurance coverage information in discovery can be a drawn-out, tedious process, and you can never be certain you are getting the complete picture. By the time you receive the information requested, you have already wasted months and exhausted significant resources. The earlier you have the information you need, the better.

The insurance policy trace investigation team at MIA ensures you know precisely how much of your claim you can expect to collect. We strive to make sure that you and your client can make the most well-informed decision possible, with all relevant information in your back pocket from the get-go. Insurance tracing helps your firm avoid unnecessary pitfalls and liability.

Get the Data You Need With Help From a Licensed, Professional Intelligence-Gathering Agency

If you are gathering intel for pending litigation, ensuring client compliance with the law and best practices, surveying for assets to attach, or performing due diligence in advance of litigation, you need reliable, thorough data-gathering services. Millennium Intelligence Agency is here to provide you with the support you need. Call our professional legal investigative team today at 213-986-9888 for experienced and effective intelligence gathering services.

Millennium Intelligence Agency (MIA) is a qualified, licensed intelligence-gathering organization with more than 35 years of experience assisting attorneys and their clients with pre-litigation data gathering, discovery, due diligence, and all other situations in which a party’s assets and finances may come into play. MIA has spent decades providing attorneys with the data and analysis they need to provide the best representation for their clients. If you are engaged in litigation, an investigation, a business transaction, or other professional engagement, MIA will track down and report on all relevant insurance policy information.

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