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Why Hire a Licensed Investigator When You Could Just Do an Internet Search?

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If you are conducting a legal investigation, due diligence, corporate transaction, or discovery during litigation, you will want to preserve the evidence you gather in such a way that it can be introduced as evidence in a legal proceeding. You might need to put together a profile of a company, or investigate the credentials of an expert witness, or find all possible assets to attach via lien. Relying on simple internet searches can be dangerous and a costly mistake. There are a number of reasons why relying on internet searches, while certainly cheaper than hiring a professional, is a waste of time and resources.

The Internet is Dark and Full of Scams

Whether you are looking to locate assets, gathering information about witnesses or individuals, combing through financial information, or otherwise gathering evidence for your litigation, you want to make sure the information you get is both comprehensive and legitimate. There are websites that purport to provide much of the information you may be trying to find–for example, asset search sites meant to give a financial picture of a company or individual. Many of these websites are no more than a shell to gather your credit card number and other information. They may have some basic information, they may have outdated information, or they may have nothing at all. Oftentimes even the basics are hidden behind a paywall so you do not have any idea what you are buying.

Most importantly, you want to hire a professional investigator who will consult with you at the onset of the investigation and will prepare a detailed report.

An experienced, professional investigator can help you locate the information you actually need, not just a cursory overview of potentially false information. A qualified private investigator will sift through all of the data and misinformation, vetting the information as it is gathered to ensure that you get an accurate picture of whatever it is you need. We will go as deep as necessary to locate the intelligence you need, and we will make sure what we produce is both accurate and useful.

Avoid Wasting Your Time and Hard Drive Space

When you hire a dedicated professional investigator, you will get all and only the information you actually need. We will find the key information that you need. Your time is valuable; you do not need to wade through thousands of pages of social media posts or internet databases. An experienced professional investigative team will work through all information sources efficiently and effectively and will provide you with clear and concise reporting of the evidence gathered.

Validate Evidence and Chain of Custody

Even if you do discover useful information in a web search, authenticating that information for use in litigation is an entirely separate issue. A seasoned private investigator who understands the litigation process will not just find answers to your questions–they will provide you with supporting evidence you can actually use in your matter. A printout of a webpage will not hold up in court. And if testimony is needed to lay the foundation for the introduction of evidence, a professional investigator can testify or provide a declaration under penalty of perjury. Good luck getting someone from a website to provide a declaration or testify!

You should consult with a professional private investigator who has experience and knowledge specifically in the area of the case you are working on.

If you are gathering evidence for pending litigation or performing due diligence in advance of a transaction, Millennium Intelligence Agency is here for your support. Call our professional legal investigative team today at 213-986-9888 for licensed, thorough, and effective intelligence gathering services.

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