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How Investigation Plays a Critical Role in All Civil Litigation

civil litigation private investigator

It would be tough to overstate the role that thorough investigation plays for both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation. The legendary criminal defense lawyer F. Lee Bailey was himself a former private investigator who helped attorneys prepare for trial before he became one of the greatest trial lawyers himself, and he never failed to stress the importance of investigation and preparation as the key to his success. The same holds true in civil litigation as well, as any successful civil trial lawyer will tell you.

Private investigation firms play an instrumental part in gathering the crucial information that attorneys need to prepare their cases for settlement or trial. Below we explore some of the chief investigative services attorneys in civil litigation can benefit from. For help gathering the intelligence you need for a successful outcome in your case, contact Millennium Intelligence Agency to discuss your needs with a skilled and experienced licensed private investigative agency.

Asset Searches: Uncovering Hidden Wealth

One of the primary services offered by private investigation firms is asset searches. These searches are vital in all areas of civil litigation, particularly in cases involving financial disputes, monetary settlements, and judgment enforcement. An asset search helps uncover hidden assets that a party may be attempting to conceal, such as real estate, bank accounts, investments, and other valuable properties. By identifying these assets, investigators provide attorneys with the evidence needed to ensure a fair and just resolution. In corporate litigation, for example, uncovering hidden assets can be crucial for securing a rightful settlement or judgment.

Background Checks: Establishing Credibility and Uncovering Histories

Background checks are another essential component of civil litigation investigations. These checks help attorneys verify the credibility of witnesses, plaintiffs, defendants, and even expert witnesses. A comprehensive background check can reveal past criminal activities, employment histories, education records, and other pertinent information that can significantly impact the case.

For instance, in employment litigation, a background check might uncover a history of fraudulent activities by an employee or past similar claims made against the employer by other parties. Similarly, in personal injury cases, a background check could reveal a plaintiff’s or defendant’s litigation history, shedding important light on the presence or absence of negligence in the present case, or disclosing valuable information on a plaintiff’s alleged injury and damages.

Social Media Investigations: Unearthing Digital Evidence

In today’s digital age, social media investigations have become increasingly important in civil litigation. Social media platforms can provide a wealth of information about a person’s activities, associations, and even state of mind. Investigators skilled in social media analysis can uncover posts, photos, and interactions that may serve as critical evidence in a case.

For example, in personal injury cases, social media posts can contradict a plaintiff’s claims of injury, thereby undermining their credibility. Indeed, in any civil litigation, social media evidence can support or controvert allegations or defenses made in depositions, affidavits, and other court documents. By meticulously analyzing social media activity, investigators provide attorneys with valuable insights and evidence that can be pivotal in court.

Whereabouts Searches: Locating Key Individuals

Locating individuals who are crucial to a case, such as witnesses or defendants who have absconded, is another vital service provided by private investigators in civil litigation. Whereabouts searches help attorneys find and serve legal documents to these individuals, ensuring that the litigation process can proceed without unnecessary delays.

For example, in debt recovery cases, locating a debtor who has moved or is actively avoiding legal proceedings is essential for enforcing a judgment. By successfully locating these individuals, investigators help maintain the integrity and efficiency of the legal process.

Contact Millennium Intelligence Agency for Indispensable Investigations Worldwide to Support Your Civil Litigation

By leveraging the expertise of skilled investigators, legal professionals can ensure they have the comprehensive and accurate information needed to advocate effectively for their clients. In the complex and often contentious world of civil litigation, the value of thorough and meticulous investigation cannot be overstated. As such, partnering with a reputable investigation firm is a strategic move that can significantly enhance the prospects of success in any civil litigation endeavor. For help with investigations worldwide, call Millennium Intelligence Agency in Los Angeles at 213-986-9888 or contact us online.

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