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Providing a wide range of investigative services for attorneys, government agencies, and corporations in the area of civil litigation.


Investigating thousands of civil cases over the past twenty-five years for attorneys.


We are always available to meet and consult on a case at any stage of the litigation.

How We Can Help You

Looking Out for Your Best Interests

We Find Information

Millennium Intelligence Agency (MIA) is a licensed private investigative agency led by investigator Carter Spohn that specializes in providing select investigative services to attorneys and their clients. We consult with attorneys, law firms, businesses and governmental agencies mostly in the area of litigation, including pre-suit, discovery, trial, post-trial and judgments. We find facts and pertinent information, preserve evidence and provide reporting to our clients that allow for informed decisions throughout the litigation process.

Our Expertise

Consulting with our clients is the cornerstone of our practice. Bringing ideas and solutions to your complex matters is our expertise. MIA has gained a reputation for gathering key intelligence which plays a critical decision-making role in litigation.

Since 1984, we have been called on to find key information and assist attorneys in their most difficult cases. We specialize in civil litigation at the trial level. As a licensed private investigator, Spohn has investigated thousands of cases involving personal injury, product liability, aviation disasters, asbestos litigation, insurance bad faith, Holocaust-Era insurance litigation, Armenian Genocide claims, and more. We find what others can’t.

The Art and Science of Finding People,
Places and Things

Lawsuits are usually about money and advocating and protecting your client’s rights.

The discovery of accurate intelligence in litigation is crucial to your client’s case. You don’t know what you don’t know – but the other side does!

Most litigation involves People, Places and Things – Witnesses, Assets, Social Media, Insurance Policies and more. Consulting with MIA can greatly assist attorneys and their clients in critical decision-making at every stage of litigation.

The Information You Need, the Way You Need It

Millennium Intelligence Agency has been providing investigative services for attorneys and law firms for more than 35 years. You can rest assured that the information and reports we provide to you will be presented in a professional, efficient format that you can easily digest and confidently use in a court proceeding or other legal environment. All searches are conducted in compliance with applicable federal legislation, such as the pretexting provision of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GBLA), and all information developed in the course of our investigations is obtained in a legal, ethical, honest and professional manner. Count on Millennium Intelligence Agency for your critical intelligence-gathering needs, including all of the following:

Asset Searches

Asset searches play a critical role in many stages of civil litigation: pre-suit, to find out if a party is worth pursuing; settlement offers, as part of due diligence to make sure an offer is fair and complete; post-judgment, for collections or a debtor’s exam. Millennium Intelligence Agency conducts statewide, national and international asset searches, including searches that not every investigator might think to pursue. For instance, a litigation search can help determine whether an individual might soon be coming into money or serve as a road map to finding more information on a person. With over 35 years of investigative experience, we possess the skills and understanding to conduct an exhaustive asset search.

Social Media History

Half of the people in the world and the vast majority of Americans have social media, and every time they use it, they leave behind a digital footprint of their activities. Mining this data can reveal valuable information. A social media search can go to the credibility of a party or witness if they said they weren’t somewhere that they were or vice versa, or if their behavior is inconsistent with an alleged injury or other facts of the case. A social media search can even help attorneys with concerns about their own client’s credibility. A social media investigation can also be useful in identifying an individual’s associates.

Background Checks

Knowing who you are dealing with is critical in civil litigation. Obtaining crucial details on defendants, witnesses and other key individuals reveals valuable information that wins cases. Background checks enable you to level the playing field and evaluate witnesses, opposing parties, potential jurors, and other persons whose opinions and statements of facts can change the outcome of your case.

Professional Investigative Agency
Here to Serve You

For help locating the people, places and things that enable you to make informed decisions in your legal practice, call Millennium Intelligence Agency at 213-986-9888, or contact us online.

Investigative Services

The facts that support winning litigation can be broken down into three simple areas, people, places and things. In a perfect world, all the facts you need to develop your case should be easy to find or discoverable.

MIA tracks down everything else.

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